Chapter  1:          Training to Kill.                                          
Chapter  2:          Cooling My Heels                                    
Chapter  3:          I Saw Elvis                                                  
Chapter  4:          Cotton Pickin' Monroe County Miss      
Chapter  5:          Silvertone, Down, But Not Out              
Chapter  6:          In The Game & 1580, WAMY                 
Chapter  7:          That's Alright (Mama) Elvis                    
Chapter  8:          Top Dawn Radio, Tupelo                                    
Chapter  9:          Rockin' in Elvis' Hometown                    
Chapter  10:         Wings to Wilmington                              
Chapter  11:         Losing My Wings                                      
Chapter  12:         Ft. Benjamin Harrison                            
Chapter  13:         Goodbye Sweetheart, Hello Vietnam   
Chapter  14:         A Break From Vietnam                           
Chapter  15:         Into Cowboy Country
Chapter  16:         Bong Son
Chapter  17:         The Bravest of Them All
Chapter  18:         Saved by the Stream
Chapter  19:         AFVN, An Khe
Chapter  20:         Back to the World
Chapter  21:         Home & Marriage; Ft. McArthur
Chapter  22:         Medal Of Honor II
Chapter  23:         How We Could Won In Vietnam
Chapter  24:         1st Team In Vietnam
Chapter  25:         Twins & Trouble 
Chapter  26:         Destination In Deutschland
Chapter  27:         Deceit In Deutschland 
Chapter  28:         Be All You Can Be
Chapter  29:         Kansas City, Here We Come
Chapter  30:         My Diagnosis & KLAK Colorado Country
Chapter  31:         Adoration of the Fairer Sex
Chapter  32:         Elvis Is Dead & and Rocking in the Rockies
Chapter  33:         The Twins to Colorado
Chapter  34:         The Great Salt Lake & the Good Mormons
Chapter  35:         Where the Wright's Really Learned to Fly
Chapter  36:         The Spill Heard Across the Country  
Chapter  37:         Aliens, Anyone?
Chapter  38:         Lisa & Laura, When I Lost my Ass & My Job
Chapter  39:         California Dreaming
Chapter  40:         Sponsors: I Race You Win
Chapter  41:         Racing to the Finish
Chapter  42:         Worst Job Ever
Chapter  43:         Transforming My Little Piece of Paradise
Chapter  44:         Another Decade Slips Away
Chapter  45:         The End is Near
Chapter  46:         Saying Goodbye 
Book II Chapter   I    Don's Greatest Hits 1955-1977 
Book II Chapter  II    Don's Greatest Hits 1978-1991
Book II Chapter III    The Battle of the Bulge and Beyond
Book II  Chapter IV    With Deep Regret
Book II  Chapter  V    Bad Night at LZ Bird
Book II Chapter  VI    In the Event Of My Death
Book II Chapter VII    Dying Is Easy,Living is what's Difficult 
Book II Chapter VIII   Patriots Or Traitors?
Book II Chapter  IX    What I've Learned

Swan’s BIO end of Chapter 23


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