Given the choice of experiencing Pain and Nothing, I would choose Pain.

William Faulkner

My Life at the Limit Readers from across the USA. 

A story of Tragedy and Triumph, from Vietnam and other Storms of Life, is a punch in the gut. But if you can hang on for the ride, you will learn some life lessons about patience and perseverance. You might even become a better person for having read it. (Tennessee)           

A story you won't soon forget; it's that Powerful and Profound. The time you spend reading this Real-Life Drama will reward you many times over. (Colorado)
Swan doesn’t mince words in this Entertaining, Engaging, Gut-wrenching story of a Life at the Limit. The Combat scenes are graphic and not for the weak at heart. But, if you can handle the truth, you will learn something about how others struggle. You might even learn something about yourself. I Highly Recommend the book. (New Mexico)
The harrowing Combat scenes and the remarkable story of the medic are images I won’t soon forget. It gives me an understanding of what it takes to earn the Medal of Honor. Swan’s journey through life makes me appreciate mine more and how fortunate I am. (California)
If the Combat scenes and the Saying Goodbye chapter aren't enough to alter your sleep cycles, then the POW stories in Part II of the book will. On the upside, you'll have an perfect opening to evaluate your life. As a result, you might make a change for the better, be more appreciative, patient, and a kinder, gentler person. (Mississippi)
Swan's life story includes lots of Pain and Suffering, and Comebacks. Overall, by his own admissions, it was Magic. I found it to be a Good Read and I highly recommend it. (North Carolina)

Cover photo: 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) Huey flies by Napalm strike for Battle Damage Assessment and search for stragglers. (DoD photo courtesy Openeverse.)

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