There, comrades, is the answer to all our problems. It is summed up in a single word — man. George Orwell

Historic Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio (Think: Wright Brothers) is one of the USAF’s largest and most important bases.  It’s a research and development leader and a major flight operations base.  But, despite its importance to the mission of the Department of Defense, it is also known to many for just one thing: storing, well, ETs.

Consequently, I would be remiss without addressing the aliens (sorry, undocumented beings) rumor. I believe most of my readers want to know what I know about the Little Gray Men, as no doubt tens of millions or more do too. I was, after all, the Public Affairs Officer with a TOP SECRET clearance, where they were said to have been stored.

“Over the past thirty-eight years, it has, from time to time, been rumored that the remains of extraterrestrial bodies are (or have been) stored at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. However, there are not now, nor have there ever been, any extraterrestrial beings or any material related to the same at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. All records of the United States Air Force investigations “Project Blue Book”  into Extra-Terrestrial studies are contained in the National Archives.”

Pretty specific, huh? When I prepared that explicit proclamation in 1985 for the media and answering queries from the public, I believed it to be true. However, less than two years after I made that declaration, I discovered evidence that conflicted with my earlier denials.

I saw something I wasn’t supposed to, myself and another person, and he had a Ph.D. in biological science. He was confident that it was, in fact, “extraterrestrial corporeal [matter].” At the time, we were in no position to procure specimens for examination or any other reason. The scientist with me that night was an expert investigator during the Spill exploration of 1986-7 at Wright-Patterson (previous chapter, 36). It was during this timeframe when we made the discovery.

There is just this one thing that gives me pause in confirming our discovery with the world: TOP SECRET/SCI/SAP-R* (sworn to secrecy for the rest of my natural life) for which the Department of Defense had entrusted me.

The infamous hangar 18, circa 1947 at Wright-Patterson, no longer stands. Replacement building 18, below. Photo taken from a great distance? (Commons)


Long declassified VZ-9 Avocar saucer in 1961. Handling issues and a top speed of 35 mph ruined the debut, now at the Museum of USAF. (Air Force)
Looks dead to me. There are many who believe. (From Wright-Patt website)


People in background (reflection) looking at "Alien," note wounds. (Reader's Digest)
Purported encrustation of the anterior skull from an alien claimed to be the work of super-secret Foreign Technology Division (FTD)  at Wright-Patterson, as reported by  NOUFORS, who provided illustration.  (FTD denies any involvement)

With a Presidential Executive order for the USAF (as commander in chief) to search WPAFB, Ohio, for any evidence of extraterrestrial, where would they look? Wright-Patt sits on 8,000 acres, with thousands of buildings and an estimated 200 labs.

Would they search a nondescript building with warnings of contamination from hazardous chemicals and radioactive substances, including bone-seeking (Americium-241) with a 432.2-year half-life?

Perhaps in an isolated building with no markings at all,  but underneath a bomb-resistant vault and tunnel, maybe containing a barrel or two?  Something inside those containers — with the best-known chemical cocktails, when pickled or in a cryogenic chamber — to preserve body parts indefinitely? Too delicate to move to Area 51?

With advances in technology not available in 1947, 1967, 1987, or anytime in the twentieth century, microbiological innovation and contemporary scientific protocols would permit a more definitive examination and less degeneration of cells.


The super-secret USAF Foreign Technology Division (FTD) was,  maybe still, near the site, coincidently, I suppose. In 2018, the now-named Air and Space Intelligence Center (ASIC) was doubled in size to 58,000 square feet, adding more labs at the cost of 29 million dollars. ASIC investigates and scrutinizes technical intelligence of (the) Air and Space Force(s) and scientific exploration. Separately, Wright-Patt is a significant research and development center.

Planets orbiting Milky Way, out they somewhere, or some already here? (NASA photo)

Are those priceless, fragile, mysterious, amazing and otherworldly ETs, under study as I write, employing more precise instruction, sophisticated scientific innovations whose names we don’t know yet?

What  would the forensic pathologists histologists, experts in micro astrobiology, fluorescence microscopy, and discovery-based scientists find? Have the researchers found or examined basal ganglia (contained in human brains) with transmission electron microscopes?

If these hypothetical researchers find that genome, pluripotent cell, or any evidence previously unknown about Extra Terrestrial life forms, the scientists would have a Nobel prize in Physiology for the taking; if only the judges knew. Would the Nobel Committee create a special category just for these women and men? Might the United States Government establish form of knighting similar to the UK, for these scientists?

But I’m getting ahead of myself, We Are The World-USA for Africa, Money For Nothing-Dire Straights, Separate Lives-Phil Collins, Suspicion-Elvis played on 104.7 WTUE.

What I found practically by accident — should I reveal the testament of data — would be a virtual tsunami of near Biblical proportions, probably for the entire planet. What proof do I have?  Should agents, producers, or publishers be reading my book — an advance of $10 million, with a money-back decree naturally, would be a good start. Otherwise, contacting me will not result in any information. Any confirmation of somatic corporeal evidence I have is not on my person or my property.

Though I might be a cause ce′l′ebre to many, who judged my actions courageous, there’s still Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas; the infamous federal prison with its most secure facility now the innocent-sounding U.S. Disciplinary Barracks (USDB).

Chelsea Manning (though not in max security) was confined at the Barracks, the same facility where Nidal Hasan awaits execution for the mass murders at Ft. Hood, Texas. As of this writing, four DCI (death cell inmates), including the despicable Hasan, were on death row at the USDB. I just heard on the news the Federal death penalty was reinstated.

These Barracks, once a facility for prisoners sentenced to a life of hard labor — or death — remain a maximum-security prison. Although in ill health, such an institution (rarely allowing visitors) would probably not be the ideal sanatorium for me to live out my golden years, even in the medical ward. As long as I could maneuver by any means, I would surely be emptying bedpans and, when unable, restrained to my bed, in solitary, until death.

38171893201_e81c111577_bMaximum security US Disciplinary Barracks at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. (US Army)

As for my family, the Government would undoubtedly harass them more than CNN would badger Sarah Sanders (Trump spokeswoman) during a news conference.

Any monies or assets gained from my story would probably end up in the U.S. Treasury and finance a grant for Progressives to study the prospects of legalizing NAMBLA. After all, it’s just sex, and Man-Boy is their sexual preference.

Never Mind.

There is currently a “Search [for] Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)” organization operated by prominent scientists active at a location in Northern California.

Elon Musk believes “aliens or among us” and that he is not from earth.

In 2019, a group known as “Storm Area 51” encouraged festival goers to raid the classified Air Force Installation to “see them, aliens,” according to a Facebook post.

Last-Minute update: Just recently, after a FOIA request revealed footage from a U.S. Navy fighter showing UFOs, the U. S. Government began an official study of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP.)

*SCI, special compartmentalized information authorized.  SAP-R, special access programs eligible.

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